What We Do

Partnerships: Do More Together

It takes a whole community to help the families facing homelessness in our area. We are proud to partner with many other local human services organizations, by delivering bulk baby supplies to them that they distribute to families in need. This is just one of the ways we remove barriers and meet our clients where they are most comfortable.

If your organization serves low-income families or those facing homelessness in the Greater Seattle area, we’d love to work with you. Connect with us today!

How Partnerships Work

Once the partnership application has been filled out and reviewed by our team, we’ll determine if the partner agency is a good fit and whether we have the capacity to supply them. We prioritize organizations that serve those facing homelessness, work with underserved communities, and aren’t already supplied by a diaper bank. Any organization that doesn’t become a partner will be put on our wait list for future consideration.

If the prospective partner does look like a good match, we’ll reach out, set up an introductory meeting, share our MOU, and get things moving. Each month, a partner agency can place an order using our quick and easy online form. We fill our van to the brim and deliver the baby essentials – diapers, wipes and formula – directly to their door, that they can distribute to their clients.

Case Managers Tell Us That We:

  • Save them time normally spent seeking out diaper donations or driving to the store to purchase baby supplies. This time savings allows them to focus on what matters most.
  • Strengthen relationships with their clients by providing time and resources that can be used to engage regularly with clients and discover other needs they might have.
  • Save them money by delivering a steady, reliable and free supply of diapers and other baby essentials. The funding previously spent on diapers can be shifted to strengthen other programs.
  • Help their clients thrive – the most important outcome of all.
Monica Turner , Homeward House Baby supplies are one of the biggest needs that our parents have as they navigate the child welfare system or start a new life of sobriety. Without assistance from Babies of Homelessness, a lot of children would go without the necessities that they desperately need. ”