What We Do

Delivering Basic Needs

Since the beginning, Babies of Homelessness has focused on delivering basic needs to families with as few barriers – and as much choice – as possible. This means doing things a little differently compared to many organizations, so we can fill a unique, underserved space within the human services landscape.

Our Approach

  • Families can call us directly – they don’t need to be referred to us through a case worker or other agency.
  • The intake process is quick and easy, without any paperwork or in-person meeting required.
  • We provide more supplies per delivery, so families can order and pick-up less frequently.
  • We meet families where they are with transit-accessible pick-up locations and even direct deliveries.
  • We act with the utmost respect and compassion – for all of our families, in all that we do.
  • We leverage partnerships to reach more families
  • We are a member of the National Diaper Bank Network, which gives us access to discounted diapers and other benefits.

Our Distribution Model

In an effort to give families flexibility and choice, we have developed a three-prong distribution model for delivering baby essentials. This allows us to serve all of our families in a way that’s convenient for them: via partner agency, pickup service, or direct delivery. 

Partner Agencies

We team up with other local human-services agencies who help families who are low-income or facing homelessness. Each month, a partner agency can place an order based on their clients’ specific needs, then we pack up our van and deliver directly to the partner. They then distribute the supplies to their families.

Pickup Service

Once per month, a family can place an order over the phone and meet us at one of four easily accessible locations to pick up their supplies. We provide a month’s worth of diapers, wipes and formula per child.

Direct Delivery

In certain circumstances, we can deliver supplies directly to a family wherever they are living: in a shelter, car park, RV, motel, or encampment. Our aim is to deliver within 72 hours.

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