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Host a Donation Drive

We can’t keep up with rising diaper need without diaper drives. These events can bring in a lot of donations in a short amount of time, and give organizers the opportunity to bring their community together, gain visibility for BoH, and have fun! This is one of the easiest ways to make a big impact.

If you’re interested in hosting a diaper drive,  email us here or fill out the form below. The families we serve appreciate it!

How It Works

1: Sign Up
Enter your name (individual or organization) in the Sign Up fields below and hit submit, or send us an email here. We’ll reach out to help plan a drive, and provide you with all the information and materials you need for success. You can host a one-time drive event or party, or collect donations over multiple days or even weeks – whatever works best for you.

2: Spread the Word
The more people who know about your diaper drive – and experience your enthusiasm – the more successful it will be, and the more families we can help. Set up a donation page on social media and invite your friends and family to participate in the drive. Send out a quick email to your contact list that brings awareness to diaper need and our mission. Or, post a message to your Teams or Slack channel at work and let your colleagues know that you need their support!

3: Schedule a Drop-Off
Once your drive has ended and you’ve collected all of your donations, schedule a time to drop them off with BoH. Use this calendar to find a convenient date and time:



Step 4: Follow up
We really appreciate it when a drive host follows up with the folks who donated. Something as simple as a quick email or thank-you note allows you to update everyone on the success of your drive – including total donations, reinforce the gratitude for their donation, and provide them (and yourself!) with a tax receipt, found here:

Sign Up

Enter your details below to sign up for a diaper drive or to get more information.

More Ways to Help

Pledge Your Birthday

Throw a party and encourage your guests to give to BoH instead of buying you a present.

Community Drives

Local grocery stores, elementary schools, churches or businesses may be open to hosting a diaper drive. We'll help you make it happen!

Corporate Events

Would your company like to host an internal event to drive donations (and strengthen your teams at the same time)? This always makes a big impact!