Need Diapers?

We're Here For You

We deliver diapers, wipes and formula – free of charge – to families in the Puget Sound region. Learn about who qualifies for our services and how the ordering and delivery process works below.

If your family qualifies and you’re in need of diapers, call or text us at (866) 442-6443, or email us here.

Who Qualifies?

To maximize our impact with limited funds, we need to prioritize families that fit this simple set of criteria:

• Living in King or Snohomish Counties
• Is considered “extreme low income.” This means having a total household income of 30% of local AMI (Average Median Income) or less.
• Has a child in need of diapers with a maximum size of 7, or pull-ups with a maximum size of 4T/5T.

As our capabilities and supplies grow, we may open up our services to more families; our ultimate goal would be to offer diapers to every single family who is in need.

How It Works

We’re all about removing barriers and making things simple, so the process for families to receive supplies is easy:

  1. If your family qualifies, call us at (866) 442-6443 to get things started. If you prefer, you can also text us at the same number, or email us here.
  2. During the call, we’ll get your information and you can select a diaper pick-up day and location. We offer four transit-accessible locations throughout the area and deliver to each once per month.
  3. Two days prior to your pick-up day, we’ll send you a reminder text!
  4. On your pick-up day, you’ll meet our delivery team at the designated pick-up point between 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. and grab your supplies.
  5. We aim to provide each family with up to a one-month supply of diapers, per child, per month (depending on our current inventory).