What We Do

Community Impact

We started small, and kept on growing as we aimed to keep pace with the need in our community – including a 300% jump in diapers distributed in 2022. We’ve now had a positive impact on thousands of families in Western Washington, with no slowdown in sight. Your donations help us continue to make a difference. Read more about the numbers below.

The Numbers

Total Diapers Distributed


Despite so much effort from the community, diaper need continues to grow. We will deliver 2X more diapers in 2023 than we did in 2022.

Family Deliveries


Thousands and thousands of times, we've given a month's supply of diapers to a family in need. Your donation makes it happen.

Human-Services Partner Agencies


Partnering with like-minded local agencies allows us to reach many more children than we could alone, and makes our process even more convenient for our families.